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Electric Mobility Scooter Hoist

Electric Mobility Scooter Hoists

Electric Mobility Scooter Hoists Electric hoists are suitable for lifting a scooter or powerchair into and out of an estate car or people carrier. If ramps prove to be too heavy or awkward to lift, an electric hoist will probably be a simple alternative.

Mounted directly to the floor of the vehicle, right next to the back door, an electric hoist will lift your scooter or powerchair into the vehicle at the touch of a button. No more heavy lifting!

Having ascertained that the aperture of the back door is sufficient, and the load space is large enough, an electric hoist can be fitted in most cars. We can fit an electric hoist to most vehicles. The floor of the car must be reinforced to withstand the additional stresses placed on it by the hoist and it's load. Your car will be needed for 1-2 days to complete installation

Call our FREEPHONE number 0800 328 5670 for a bit of informal advice prior to making your final decision on your electric hoist requirements.

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